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                   is the quality of stepping into Your undimmed light.


Release your freespirit as you play in fresh, high-qual soft clothes 

themed in nature-inspired

experiences, rainbow pride style! 

Elevate your fun quotient while celebrating the existence of anyone who has the courage to be who they are....or are stepping through the fear

towards their truth. 

is the highest expression of your undeniable belongingness. Stand in your light and be


...                       .  ..   

White Waves
Your daring HEART and UNTAMED spirit called.They said, "The vibrant JOURNEY is anendless QUEST of bold EXPLORATIONS, all for thesole purpose of keeping those colors bright inside YOU,to REACH further OUTSIDE you.It's not optional. It's necessity.Go outside. PLAY.AndPAINT the WORLD with your COLORS!
We are thrilled to launch our store at the threshold of Spring 2024! Beginning with only a handful of designs so as not to fatigue your mind with choice overwhelm, we’ll drop new prints throughout the year. Over time, you'll see some designs disappear only to reemerge later. 

Get a sneak peak at our
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                   pays homage to the people who were silenced. Who never felt safe to live openly in their identity. Were bullied, ridiculed, and shamed. Whose bodies didn’t fit the one they were born into. Who showed up as they are, living their truths because it was the only way they knew how. 

More than your sexuality, it is the truest, boldest and brightest reflection of the freedom that is you.


The more you light it up, the safer you make it for another to be                   



Laura M. Arlington, VA

These designs are playful and speak to my adventurous spirit. Love them. I feel courageous each time I choose one to wear that day. 
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